Design & Mobility - Course Content

What is the content of the Design & Mobility course?



It is a course in which the creative design of mobility is in the foreground. In this area there will be many changes in the near future, which will be influenced by ecological, technical and economic conditions.




In the first year of study, some of the basics of design are taught. It is about methods of design work, colors, three-dimensional design and "analog" model making. In addition, digital tools such as 3D CAD, visualization technology and virtual reality are introduced. Additive manufacturing processes ("3D printing") are used to turn digital models into reality.

The fifth semester is the compulsory internship in industry, in design studios or other companies. The practical experience is supported by two seminars in the field of marketing and product management.

The last academic year is devoted to electives, a large project work and the bachelor thesis. The course content includes conceptual development of mobility strategies, innovation management, scientific work, and presentation techniques. There is also the option of choosing from a range of elective modules - from languages ​​to current developments in industrial design.


The course tries to combine design and technology. Therefore, in addition to the central areas of design, technical content can also be found in the study program. The goal is to prepare the graduates for creative, collaborative work with technicians on the exiting projects of the future.


Conceptual design work has a great extend in the second year of study. It is about the interior of mobiles, the user interface and the external appearance, using the knowledge acquired in the first year of study. These tasks are divided into several separate projects, some of which are worked on individually and others in teams. In the second year of study, technical aspects are introduced into teaching, such as the basics of vehicles, production options in the automotive industry and suitable materials. Recycling and recovery are also highlighted in a module.







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