Program structure – Computer Science (B.Sc.)

The degree course in Computer Science comprises six theoretical semesters and one practical semester. The theoretical part of the studies is divided into three stages of two semesters each. In the basic stage, the mathematical, technical and general foundation for the further studies are laid (first and second semester). This also includes an introduction into object-oriented programming and the systematic construction of large programming systems (software engineering). The third and fourth semester constitute the core stage of the curriculum. They contain subject-specific modules intended to continue the topic of software development and familiarise the students with typical basis software (e.g. operating systems and database systems) as well as with specific algorithms. In the fifth and sixth semester, the students have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the single subject areas. Here, they can choose modules from such areas as Information Systems, Multimedia, Computer Graphics, and Automation. 

The seventh semester is reserved for a practical project and the final project. Ideally, the final project is a continuation of the practical project, giving the students the opportunity to work on a comprehensive task and to put their acquired knowledge into practice. 

After successfully passing the Bachelor's exam, the students are awarded the academic degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) by the Hof University of Applied Sciences. 



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