Program structure – Business Law (LL.B.)

The most important points at a glance...


Candidates for the bachelor study program "Business Law" at the University of Hof need to have the university of applied sciences entrance qualification.

Further acquirements are not required. Nevertheless, some may wonder: Am I suitable for a business law study program? Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. However, it can be said, that those who are capable of logical and analytical thinking, dissecting complex issues, separating important from unimportant information, working quickly and accurately when needed and arguing realistically, they are already equipped with excellent requirements. The precise use of the German language and interest in legal, legal policy and economic issues are indispensable requirements. Excellent memorizing and studying abilities are conducive to study the very extensive material.

An assessment of suitability or an aptitude test is currently not provided for study beginners. The commencement of the study program is only possible in the winter semester.

The study comprises seven semesters, which in turn are divided into three sections:

  • Areas of principles: 1st -3rd semester
  • Areas of advancement: 4th semester
  • Areas of specialization: 5th and 6th semester
  • Internship and bachelor thesis 7th semester


As specializations we offer the following areas:

  • Law, Compliance and Digitisation
  • Human Resources
  • Insolvency
  • Tax and Financial Statements
  • Sustainability, Environmental and Energy Law
  • Medicine Law and Health Management
  • International Business Law


You can complete an internship especially in larger medium-sized companies both inside and outside of the region of Hochfranken, in the areas of human resources, purchasing, sales, logistics, taxes and finance as well as law and auditing. The offices of liberal professions also come into consideration, e.g. of lawyers as well as of tax and management consultants.

The academic degree "Bachelor of Laws" (LL.B. = legum baccalaureatus / a) is awarded.

The obstacles of advancement can be found in the study and examination regulations:

The bachelor thesis is written in the 7th semester. It comprises approximately 40 – 50 pages.

Studying the English legal language is mandatory in two courses. Apart from acquiring technical vocabulary, the focus is forming or improving the oral language skills within the economy (Business Communication).

Students can and should also make use of the full range of the offers of our language center (see homepage à Study à Language Center) and/or improve their foreign language skills during a semester abroad.

A semester abroad is in the 5th or 6th semester achievable. Those, who will also complete an internship abroad, can spend 1 year abroad without a time loss and with full academic credit. 

Course of studies

7 Practice

Practical Training in the Company

Bachelor Thesis

5+6 Areas of Specialization 

Compulsory Modules 

  •  Competition Law
  •  Corporate Management
  • EU Law and International Contract Law
  • Criminal Business and Environmental Criminal Law
  • Examinatorium Business Law

Compulsory Elective Modules/Areas of Specialization

  • Law, Compliance and Digitisation
  • Human Resources
  • Insolvency
  • Tax and Financial Statements
  • Sustainability, Environmental and Energy Law
  • Medicine Law and Health Management
  • International Business Law


4 Areas of Advancement

Compulsory Modules 

  • Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright Law
  • Contracts and General Business Terms and Conditions Drafting
  • Legal Communication


Compulsory Elective Modules 1 

  • Finance and Investment Management
  • Cost and Performance Accounting
  • Organization
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Introduction to Environmental Law
  • Introduction to Medicine Law
  • International Contracts 


Compulsory Elective Modules 2/Practical Projects

  • Civil Law
  • Public Law
  • Economy
  • Communication/Project Management


3 Areas of Principles Corporate Law, Insolvency Law, Law Enforcement, Loan Securities, Corporate Tax Law, Economic Policy, Accounting, English for Lawyers 

Private Business Law Specialization, Administrative and Administrative Procedural Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Human Resource Management, Income Tax Law 

1 Introduction to Law, Private Business Law, Public Law, Legal Methodology, Business Management, Bookkeeping 



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