Allowed auxiliaries

Allowed auxiliaries for the study program Business Law

Allowed are exclusively by a publisher printed laws in book form. Examination participants have to bring the allowed auxiliaries with themselves. In each case only one copy of a law or a collection of laws may be used. Other auxiliaries are not permitted, unless the study regulations explicitly stipulates otherwise. The exclusion of any auxiliaries can also be determined in the study regulations.

Notes within the law may only contain single digits and references to paragraphs, i.e. no chains of paragraphs, no words and other signs as well as no systematic commentaries of any kind. A systematic commentary is present when the meaning of the commentary goes beyond referencing or highlighting, e.g. structured scheme.

Indexes, markers or registers are generally permitted. The regulations for commentaries apply in the same form. The use of indexes, markers or registers may not serve to circumvent the aforementioned commentary regulations, i.e. the indexes/markers/registers may not be placed in any kind that goes beyond the meaning of mere facilitating of locating the required information.

The insertion of additional pages or notes is not allowed. Missing pages may not be supplemented by copies. An exception exists if the publisher has issued a printed supplement.

Colored, even multicolored references to regulations or underlinings (using for example colored pencils, marker pens, ink or ballpoint pens, highlighters) can in general be made in the auxiliaries. However, the colored markings may not contain any meaning that goes beyond the mere highlighting. In cases of doubt commentaries should be avoided. Deletions or cross outs are not allowed.

Examination Board Business Law Effective Winter Semester 2012/2013 



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