Program structure – Business Administration (B.A.)

7Areas of SpecializationBachelor Thesis

Personal competence (selection options), Practical seminar, Academic learning

Possible Specializations:

  • Controlling and Finance Management
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Human Resource Management and Organization
  • Health Management
  • Tax and Financial Statements
  • Tourism Management (requires study semester abroad)
  • Corporate Management in Special Economic Areas (requires study semester abroad)
  • Commerce (requires study semester abroad)
  • Business Formation
  • Language


5Areas of AdvancementPractical Semester and Practical Seminar 

Political Economy, Information Management, Information Technology within the Company, Business Taxes, Corporate Management, Labor Law and EU Law, Key Qualifications (selection options) 

3Cost and Performance Accounting, Statistics, Finance and Investment Management, Income Tax, World Business Language (Business English, Spanish or French), Principles of Procurement, Production and Logistics 
2Areas of Principles

Organization, Accounting, Private Business Law (principles), Business Mathematics, Marketing, Presentation and Moderation, Key Qualifications (selection options), World Business Language (Business English, Spanish or French) 

1Introduction to Business Administration, Principles of Economics, Human Resource Management, Bookkeeping, Introduction to Law, Office Applications, Techniques and Application, Methodology and Practice of Academic Work, World Business Language (Business English, Spanish or French) 



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