Students' Union

Welcome to the Student Union

‘From students - for students!’ - that is the motto of the Student Union. For us Student Union does not mean Student Association or other things concerning elite circles. It means that everyone can join us. So come by: every Tuesday, 1.15 p.m. at room A107.

What are we doing?

On the one hand we are your conversation partner for all questions relating to study. We are members of the different committees of the university and represent the interests of the students. You can talk with us if you have problems with professors or the administration and you are not able to solve them alone. On the other hand the Student Union is a perfect possibility to meet students from higher semesters and courses so you can avoid pitfalls during your study. For a small donation you can also bind your seminar paper or get office necessities, like college blocks or films.

And what about parties? :-)

Of course we don’t neglect parties!  One of our tasks is also the organization of various parties and events. The most famous example is the legendary BOOM- Party, but also the party at the local ice-rink with mulled wine and ice skating, or the scarily beautiful Halloween-Party. We hope that we could give you a taste of what to expect and would be pleased to welcome you soon to our Student Union.Come in and find out! - See you!



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