For the duration of their studies in Hof, students receive a free, multi-purpose CampusCard.

The card functions as your

  • student ID card
  • library card
  • printing and copying card
  • electronic purse for the cafeteria
  • semester ticket for local buses
  • When you first receive the CampusCard, you have to allocate it to your personal

user ID at the service terminal in room A 015a.

Every semester, students can print their current enrolment status on the CampusCard. This will work only if the university has received the administrative fee on time. For updating your CampusCard, please use the machine outside room A 115a.

CampusCard and payment

Payment in the canteen and the cafeteria on campus is made with the CampusCard.

The CampusCard can be charged with bills of EUR € 5, 10, 20 and 50 at one of the charging machines on campus. In order to charge the card, first place your card on the machine. Your current balance will appear on the display. Now you can charge your card by inserting a bill into the machine. There are two charging machines for your CampusCard:

  • one in front of the cafeteria in building A and
  • one in front of the canteen.

Payment by cash is not possible for students.

CampusCard validity

CampusCards are valid for one semester. When you activate your CampusCard the expiration date will be printed on the front of your card. You will be notified by email as soon as you can reactivate your CampusCard for the coming semester.

Loss or damage of your CampusCard

If you lose your card or damage it beyond repair, please inform the university administration immediately. A fee of EUR 15 becomes due for replacing the card. If the card becomes unusable for reasons you are not responsible for, such as technical problems, it will be replaced for free.

If you lose your card, you should also deactivate the allocation of the card to your personal account to prevent misuse. If you have questions about deactivating your card, please contact the IT Service, room A004/005, email: it-service[at]

Preventing damage to your CampusCard

Please make sure to handle your card with care and avoid bending as well as exposure to chemical substances or high temperatures.



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