Registration, library card and password

How can I register to borrow books?

Registration can be done at the library information desk (Hof or Münchberg). 

Can I use the library as an external/guest user?

Our library is also open to users from Hof and the surrounding area, and can be used for the purpose of further education and research.

Who can use the 24h-access to library?

Using the libraries (Hof and Münchberg) outside of normal opening times is only possible for members of the University of Applied Sciences Hof.

Do I have to pay to use the library? / Does library use cost anything? 

Library use is free of charge for all users. 

I have lost my Campus or guest card.

If you have lost your CampusCard you should notify the student affairs office immediately. To prevent misuse, your library account will be locked. Guest users must notify the information desk in the library of the loss of a guest card.

What is my user ID (library number) and where can I find it?

Your user ID / library number can be found on your CampusCard or guest card.

What is my password?

The last 6 digits of your library number will initially be assigned as the password. When first using the password you will be prompted to change it.

How can I access my user account?

Your user account can be accessed in the library catalog or at the self-service terminal in Hof or Münchberg.

Can I also use the Library of the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration in Bavaria?

You can use this library as a guest. You have to ask there, which media can be borrowed.

General questions for using the library and borrowing

How many media can I have for loan ?

All users can borrow 50 media. For media from interlibrary loan. For media from interlibrary loan the upper limit of 25 media applies.

How long is the loan period?

The loan period is 4 weeks. Please note that the loan period is shorter during exam time (only 2 weeks). It is possible to check out books for the entire semester break.

How can I renew a loan?

University members: the loan period is automatically extended 6 times for another 4 weeks. 

Guest users have the possibility to extend their media up to 6 times in the library catalog.

Important notice:

  • Renewals are only possible if there are no reservations by other users.
  • Renewals are subject to change, if there are reservations by other users, the renewal will be revoked. You will receive an email with the request to return the book.
  • The renewal of the loan period for interlibrary loan media can only be done by the library staff.

Why it is not possible to renew my books?

 There could be several reasons:

· the loan period is overdue

· your account is blocked

· the item has been reserved by another user

· renewal is possible no earlier than 4 days before the end of loan period

Can I check out or return media outside the opening times?

Members of the University of Applied Sciences can use the self-service terminal to check out or return books, or to extend the loan period. Please put returned media in the return box (Hof) or on the book trolley (Münchberg).

Guests can put media for return (packaged) outside the opening times in the postbox at the entrance of the university.

Can I reserve a borrowed medium?

You can make reservations for borrowed media in the library catalog. You can reserve the desired title on the tab "get document". You will be notified via e-mail as soon as a reserved item is ready for pick-up. Please note that the media item must be picked up within 5 days after notification.

I am a masterstudent or I am writing my final thesis. What will change for me?

As soon as you have registered your final thesis (bachelor’s or master’s thesis), you can take advantage of the following extended loan conditions and services.

Can someone else check out / pick up media for me?

That is possible. Upon submission of a power of attorney (you are also welcome to send this to us by e-mail) another person can check out media or pick up ordered media for you.

I need a book from another branch. Can I order it here?

Media, which are labeled as "for order" in the library catalog, can be ordered to go to your "home branch". You will be notified by us via e-mail as soon as an ordered medium is ready for pick up. Please note that the media item must be picked up within 5 days after notification.

Can I return my media by post?

You can return borrowed books by post. Please note the shipping time, so that the media arrive in time. Please address your parcel to:

Hochschulbibliothek Hof, Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1, 95028 Hof

o r     

Hochschulbibliothek Hof, Abteilung Münchberg, Kulmbacher Str,. 76, 95213 Münchberg                                                                 

What happens if I don’t return a medium on time?

If a borrowed book is not returned on time, fee-based reminders will be sent (1. Reminder 7,50 €, 2. Reminder 10 € ….). Please note that your library account remains locked until payment of the fees and the return of the reminded media. Fees can be paid by bank transfer or by CampusCard at the self-service-terminal (only for members of the University of Applied Sciences).

I have lost or damaged a borrowed medium. Who should I contact?

In cases of lost or damaged books you are obliged to purchase a replacement copy. Please contact the library staff.

Services, offers, inter-library loan

How and where can I pay outstanding fees?

Members of the University of Applied Sciences can pay their fees at the service terminal. External users must pay their fines by bank transfer; other fees must be paid in cash at the information desk.

Can I take jackets, bags, food and drinks into the reading room?

We ask you not to take food and open drinks into the reading room. Jackets and bags can be left in the checkroom or taken with you.

How can I reserve a group study room or a carrel in the library of Hof?

Members of the University of Applied Sciences can reserve a group study room online - see on our Websites. Group study rooms can only be reserved 2 times a week, for 4 hours during regular opening hours (two weeks in advance).

Carrels are open for all users.

It is possible to print, copy or scan?

Members of the University of Applied Sciences can print and copy with their CampusCard. External users (in the Hof library) can get a copy card at the information desk and pay the fees in cash after copying.

You can use a book scanner in both libraries. You can save your scans for free on a USB-stick.

I need a book which is not available in the library. Can I get it through inter-library loan?

Media which are not available in the library can be ordered through inter-library loan.

How can I request that the library purchase new books?

You can sent your request with the bibliographic details to the library.

Can I use the digital offers (databases, full text) from outside the university network?

University members can use a VPN-connection to gain access from outside the university Network.

Catalog and shelving of the media

Where can I see if a medium is in stock?

In our online-catalog you can find the complete stock of the library of the University of Applied Sciences (Hof and Münchberg), as well as the following libraries:

Library of the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration in Bavaria (HföD)

Municipal archive Hof

How can I get access to the stock of ebooks?

Ebooks are searchable in our online-catalog. University members can also use the library's online services outside the campus network. New: Access via EZ-Proxy - What is EZ-Proxy?

What are course reserve collections – where can I find them?

The course reserve collection contains selected books from certain lectures of some professors and lecturers. They are for library use only. You can find the course reserve collection in Hof in front of the carrels (under lending classification 300), in Münchberg in the copy-room of the library (under lending classification 3000).

Overview of all course reserve collections in Moodle

Can I see final theses?

Final theses can, unfortunately, not be seen in the Hof library. In Münchberg it is possible to inspect older final theses, which are included in the online-catalog.



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