Jobs and internships



Practical experiences have become almost essential for the career. This not only improves application chances, but also provides the chance to put the knowledge acquired from study into practice. Internships help develop an idea of the future workspace and it is not rare to find one’s first job in the internship environment.


Types of internships:

  • Compulsory internships: These internships are a compulsory part of the study program and are subject to specific regulations. Through practical, career-oriented training at Hof University, placement semesters are integrated into most degree programs.
  • Voluntary internships: These are not included in the study program. Extent and form are here left to the interns (in consultation with the internship company). This type of internship may be useful in Master´s degrees, which do not necessarily schedule a placement semester.


Search for internships:

Before the search: Decide what you want to achieve with the internship and what you can realistically achieve. Questions might be:

  • Which industry would you like to get to know?
  • Is there a specific company you are interested in?
  • Which areas of study would you like to practically exercise?
  • What other skills would you like to expand or acquire?  


Job search: Use different resources!  

  • Own networks: fellow students, professors, friends, any former employers (don't forget: side jobs, summer jobs, volunteer or association activity)
  • Company contact possibilities: company visits or projects with companies in the context of seminars (e.g. including elective courses such as "Company in the region of HochFranken"), offerings of the career service, company career days/career events
  • Career fairs: at Hof University (Unternehmensbörse every year in May) or nationwide
  • Job portals of Hof University: Hochschul-Jobbörse or stellenHOF
  • Job portals on the Internet: job search engines and meta job search engines (search through many other search engines at the same time)
  • The company career pages
  • Company data bases: through the university library e.g. Hoppenstedt Firmendatenbank (Note: access only in the university network)
  • Chambers of commerce, business associations, regional Web pages (e.g. metropolitan regions)
  • other universities: Career Services websites and job portals



Prospective graduates are often faced with the question of how to go about searching for a job. Which position fits and how can I find it? Professional information can assist you.

Professional information:

This includes information about professional fields, industries, employers, descriptions of work areas or even qualification requirements.

BERUFENET of the federal employment agency:

  • extensive description of over 3,000 current professions
  • Search for job descriptions, professional groups, professional fields, A-Z search possible
  • In the search it is recommend to search across professional fields


Job entry types:

  • Direct entry into the company
  • Trainee: The content of trainee programs varies from company to company. The programs are typically aimed at university graduates and last between one and two years. As a trainee, you pass through different areas of the company (sometimes also working abroad). The trainee positions are generally limited to the duration of the program and do not usually lead to full-time employment. However, many companies are interested in employing trainees after such programs due to high investments made during them.
  • “Voluntariat”: This is a kind of training in journalistic fields (e.g. TV, print, radio, PR, online media), which takes one to two years. The volunteer works in different departments.         
  • “Referendariat”: It is a preparation service for public official careers of career group of the higher service. As an example, teachers and lawyers have to pass a “Referendariat”, which usually takes two years.


Job search:

  • Tips on Finding and Applying for Internships
  • Online profiles: headhunters search for graduates using portals like XING or LinkedIn



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