FOR 10'000 substrate pretreatment: Improvement of the anaerobic degradation of excess sludge and organic waste by hydrodynamic cavitation and electroporation

Cavitation and electrokinetics are used at a pilot plant at Hof University to pretreat substrate for anaerobic digestion. Returned digested sludge stabilizes the biological activity in the pre-acidification reactor. The results show that with electroporation a significantly higher activity of the biomass in the anaerobic fermenter prevails. This leads to an up to 19% increase in gas yield. In addition, the viscosity of the substrate already decreases by relative short exposure times massively, whereby the energy consumption for the pump use decreases. Initial results of the disintegration of the substrate by means of a cavitation nozzle show an increase in the amount of gas produced by up to 24%.

Smart digital transformation in water management
SmaDiWa - this is the acronym of a project sponsored by the Wilo Foundation at iwe (Institute for Water and Energy Management at the University of Applied Sciences Hof). As part of the "Smart Digital Transformation in the Water Management" project, the opportunities and challenges of digitization are determined and concrete projects explored. This is done with partners from companies or plant operators. Digitization, a buzzword and innovative core topic at the same time. Wilo SE is already successfully implementing this with customers, which means that the submersible motor pumps in the well fields are set to the correct operating point with high efficiency.

Development of combined photovoltaic solar thermal insulation glass modules for a high area efficiency
As part of the ZIM research project "Development of Combined Photovoltaic Solar Thermal Insulating Glass Collectors for High Area Efficiency", a photovoltaic solar thermal insulation collector is being developed for the space-optimized use of solar energy with regard to a largely energy-independent building supply with renewable energies. In contrast to pure photovoltaic modules, in photovoltaic solar thermal collectors (PVT collectors) in addition to electricity and heat for a heating system or a water heater can be generated.

The project is being carried out in cooperation with IPS-tec GmbH and SUNOVATION Produktion GmbH and is being supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as part of the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM). The iwe researchers are responsible for the simulation and design of the PVT insulating glass collector as well as the prototype test and prototype optimization. As part of a master's thesis, the PVT collector was constructed using 3D CAD and the arrangement of the PV cells was determined.


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