Green Hospital Lichtenfels

Since 2015, the Universities of Applied Sciences Hof and Coburg, as well as the Department of Engineering Thermodynamics and Transport Processes of the University of Bayreuth are working together in this project. The aim is the applied and theoretical research on the energy efficiency concept of the new construction of the medical center of Lichtenfels. The clinic was put into operation in 2018 and is now constantly monitored and optimized.

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GTW - Green Technology Workshop

This EFRE-funded project called "GTW" is based on the idea of technology transfer from the field of applied research to industrial project partners of the middle sized sector. In various individual projects with different industrial partners, research on new technologies and processes is done to strengthen the market position of the industrial partners.

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KaWaTec - Efficient Heat and Refridgeration Management in Buildings

Under the acronym "KaWaTec", the research field of energy efficiency in buildings is further extended by applying theoretical approaches and innovative ideas on the real institute building of the iwe. By developing an efficient energy management strategy for the new construction, the energy produced by daily research practice can be used to minimize the consumption of the building.

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AutAllo - Green Energy from Biomass

The acronym "AutAllo" means a combination of autothermal and allothermal gasification of biomass in an innovative approach that uses wooden char coal as an internal gas filter. The aim of this project is the development of a 25 - 50 kW biomass gasification unit for the decentral production of green electricity and heat. Since this technology is more flexible in the use of different feedstock materials than classical reactors, the degree of utilization of given biomass potentials can be further increased.

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OpToKNuS - Optimization-Toolbox for biomass gasifiers with Kinetic Numeric Simulations

By running kinetic simulations of gasification reactors, the influence of different feedstock materials and process parameters on the product distribution and efficiency of the process can be predicted. The simulation core will be published online as an open source toolbox for plant owners and manufacturers

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PuLaMa - Buffer Storage and Load Management in Local Heating Grids

In Cooperation with Bioenergie Nordhalben eG (the owner of a local heating grid), ENERPIPE GmbH (a manufacturer of insulated grid pipes) and HDG Bavaria GmbH (a manufacturer of woodchip boilers), an intelligent interface between the user and the grid control is developed in this project. The aim of this new interface is to allow a smart grid control by predicting the demand of the grid and, therefore, minimize the strorage and grid losses.

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