The ifm is the research unit of the Engineering Department of the Hof University of Applied Sciences and optimizes the application-oriented realization of research and development projects with industrial partners. The institute regards itself as a service provider for companies looking for support for their new development projects. We help from the basic research to the industrial application!

The ifm provides:

  • The utilization of its scientific and engineering core competencies
  • Cooperation with highly specialized research groups as “innovative textiles”
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation integrating the basic disciplines
  • Competence in the successful application for funds in national and international programs

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Iisys is the institute of the Department of Computer Science and a competence center for the operational application of information systems. It serves as a bridge between this field of international research and development and the final application in companies.

Currently the following research groups work in the institute:

  • Analytical Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Jörg Scheidt)
  • Cyberphysical Systems (Prof. Dr. Valentin Plenk)
  • Multimedia Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Richard Göbel)
  • Law in Sustainability, Compliance and IT (Prof. Dr. Beatrix Weber)
  • System Integration (Prof. Dr. René Peinl)
  • Visual Analytics (Prof. Dr. Claus Atzenbeck)

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The Institute for Water and Energy Management (iwe) is an interdisciplinary center of excellence within the Engineering Department of the University of Applied Sciences Hof. Research projects in the diverse fields of water and energy technology are initiated and conducted in an application-orientated manner. The Institute sees itself as an innovative device, which provides an efficient dialogue between science and entrepreneurial practice through looking at current and practical topics.

The iwe provides:

  • A high degree of interdisciplinary know-how
  • Support for research and development services
  • Project development and management
  • Competences in successful funding acquisition.

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