How to Cooperate With Us

Cooperation with Hof University

There is a range of possibilities for the realization of projects between companies and the Hof University of Applied Sciences. The major differences are the contract commitments, lead times and costs.

  • The first contact could be by telephone and/ or in person.
  • In the beginning, a completely formulated definition of the problem is not necessary.
  • The project is defined together and a project outline is acquired.
  • Finally, the type of cooperation is determined. 

Opportunities for Cooperation


Funded Research Projects

A portion of the project costs for projects with a highly innovative, beyond the state-of-art content can be funded by public funding institutions. As a project partner you can benefit from the competences of the Hof University of Applied Sciences in successful applications for funds in national and international programs.


Further Possibilities

Contract Development

This means laboratory and development contracts, whose realization is based on known and verified scientific and technological findings. The resources of the university can be used for e.g. measurements and analyses in the scope of specific agreements. Also possible are concept studies, test systems or the delivery of complete prototypes.

You will find further information at:

Institute for Materials Science (ifm)

Institute for Information Systems (iisys)

Institute for Water and Energy Management (iwe)

Research Contracts

In this form of cooperation the company gives a research and development contract to the university with detailed information on type and scope, as well as the remuneration for the service. Usually in this case, the result and the solution approach to the central problem are unknown.

Lecture Accompanying Projects

A company, together with the professor, gives a task to be completed by one or several groups. Those projects are only suitable for tasks which can be completed parallel with each other and fitted into the semester schedule. The completion of this project is virtually cost-free, with materials cost being the only expenditure by the company.



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