Water and Wastewater Treatment

The focus is on the development and testing of innovative processes for elimination of trace substances, such as pharmaceutical residues, endocrine disruptions and other classes of compounds with toxicological human and environmental potential.


By increasing digitization and automation-technology, so called Smart-Grid applications and simulation technology are in focus.

Integrated Water Recources Managament

Decision bases can only be provided through a holistic analysis and evaluation of water systems, in combination with innovative technologies and methods for sustainable management.

Recource Recovery

The point of interest of waste management issues is the recovery of valuable materials from water and sewage treatment plants, to be used for the production of basic chemicals (Green Chemistry).



Energy Systems 

Energy system technology deals with the coupling of renewable energy systems with building technology and the optimization of the overall system. Here the focus lies on the coupling of heat pump applications in combination with latent heat storage systems and the simulation of energy systems.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is becoming more and more significant in the industry. Core areas are e.g. combustion applications of biogenic and renewable fuels, the expansion of power-to-gas and energy management in industry 4.0.



Here the focus is on studies and models for the benefit transfer in heating and ventilation, as well as the modeling of different facades and window ventilation concepts.

Interdisciplinary Issues




Due to the increase in communications networking and penetration of information technology processes, intelligent supply structures are among the potential challenges. Smart-Grid-Applications enable the optimization and monitoring of the interacting components of energy and water supplies in an efficient and reliable system with cross-utilization of synergies. In focus are decentralized and municipal supply systems, as well as poly-energy systems and micro-grid energy systems.


System integration is concerned with ways to link information systems together at the technical level, as well as how to relate the contents of the different system. The focuses of this research area are, among others, the multi-agent communication between devices, building and service providers; Intelligent control of room air temperature with sluggish thermal masses, and Semantic Complex Event Processing for sensor data.



Energy - and Environmental Law

The major issues of energy and water sustainability as well as further recent developments, pose ever greater challenges not only for politicians, but also increasingly for legal players. The focus  here is, among other topics Energy 4.0 and interactions between the principles of sustainability and energy law.



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