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In the MakerSpace at Hof University: On the trail of MacGyver

Admittedly, the Hof students who recently took part in the MacGyver project in the Engineering programe were not even born at the height of his TV career. But the myth of action hero Angus MacGyver continues to have an impact - especially in the MakerSpace at Hof University. 

MacGyver was a television series produced from 1985 to 1992. The protagonist Richard Dean Anderson alias MacGyver is a mixture of secret agent and helper in distress. His trademark is the practical use of everyday objects such as pocket knives, chewing gum or duct tape and the use of basic scientific laws to solve his tricky missions. Since then, the word MacGyver has been synonymous with a clever inventor.

In keeping with the spirit of the resourceful TV hero, the students of the newly established Engineering program recently took part in the MacGyver project in the MakerSpace. The goal is to find an original solution to a specific task in a given time and with existing resources – in this case: building a boat or boat-like vehicle that moves under its own power. 


Read the full story in our university magazine Campuls 

Students working in Hof University MakerSpace