FAQs for Exchange Students

The following information is valid for all international exchange students sent from our partner universities world wide.

International applicants and admitted students pursuing a complete Bachelor's or Master's program (including all Graduate School programs), please refer to the FAQs for degree-seeking students.

How can I apply at Hof University?

International students from our partner universities who would like to come to Hof as an exchange student should contact the International Office at their home university first. You will be nominated by your home university and afterwards you can apply online: Application for exchange students



What are the application deadlines?

For exchange students:

  • 30th June for the following winter semester

  • 15th November for the following summer Semester


What about financial matters?

Exchange students at Hof university do not pay any tuition fees.You only have to pay student service fees of approx. EUR 90 per semester. The fees allow for reduced prices at the canteen and include the semester ticket for buses in Hof and Trains to our second campus in Münchberg.

To be able to live and study in Germany in general students need approx. 700 EUR a month to cover all costs (rent, social activities, daily expenses etc.).

I submitted my application for Hof University. What now?

After having successfully applied at Hof University and being accepted, you receive an official Admission Letter. Please use this Letter for the visa application (if you need one). See below.

Do I require a visa for studying at Hof University?

If you are a EU-Citizen you do not need a visa for studying in Germany.

If you are a Non-EU-Citizen you most likely have to apply for a visa. In this case, please get in touch with the German embassy in your home country.

Please check this website in order to see if you need a visa for Germany:


Does Hof University organize an Orientation Program?

Yes, we do. At the beginning of each semester there are orientation weeks especially for our new international students which is organized by the International Office. During our orientation weeks we will help you with official formalities and procedures such as enrollment and registration. The orientation weeks also include activities such as: German language courses, workshops, campus and city tour, get together events, etc. By participating in our Orientation Program, you will quickly get to know Hof  University and Hof City and make new friends from all around the world. Find out more about the orientation program

Does Hof University provide a pick-up service?

Yes. Each semester there will be two arrival days just before the Orientation weeks start. If you arrive during these days, we will pick you up and take you to your accommodation.

How can I take out a health insurance?

A health insurance which covers the whole period of your stay is a mandatory pre-requiste for enrollment and has to be taken out before arrival! 

Here you can find more information on health insurances.

How can I find an accommodation?

In Hof, accommodation is available in our student dormitories or on the private market. The accommodation will be arranged by our Housing Office, for the exact procedure please get in touch with our Housing office. The monthly rent will be approx. 250-350 EUR.


Which courses can I take as an exchange student?

Hof University offers a wide range of courses for international students taught in English and German. You can find an overview at “Courses and programme options”.


How can I get in contact with German students?

Our International Team, a group of local students, will support you during your stay in Hof and will also organize a number of events for all exchange and German students along the Semester.

Click here to contact our International Team

Is it possible to work in Germany?

Please check the link below if you need some Information on working in Germany:



Where can I download important documents?

Important documents (contact persons, housing information, semester schedule) are available as free downloads in our download area:

Download Area for all International Students


Further important documents specifically for exchange students from partner universities can be found here: 



After your arrival and enrolment at Hof University, personal documents can be accessed via your student account in our study system PRIMUSS.

Does Hof University offer psychological counseling?

Yes! Please find information and contact data on our website:


The psychological support is offered on our campuses in Hof and Münchberg. If you have personal, health or social problems once you are in Germany you can always contact our psychologist Dipl. Psych. Barbara Grüninger-Frost or one of our two pastors: https://www.facebook.com/hochschulpfarrer.hof/  

In case of any problem or question, who is my contact person?


Who is responsible for what?



I have a question about…



Contact person




Contact details  





Ms. Borbala Thurnay

Housing Office








Language Courses


Ms. Ulrike Walther

Language Center










Mr. Jörg Noldin

Erasmus Coordinator








Internships in Germany


Mr. Maximilian Neumann

Career Service








Who is my contact person in the International Office?



I am a…



Contact person




Contact details



Degree-seeking student for Bachelor's or Master's program (including Graduate School)


Ms. Carolin Huttner


Ms. Renate Anschütz






Welcome Center


Exchange student

of the Business Department


Ms. Marta Malik







Exchange student

of the Engineering or Computer Science Department


Degree-seeking student

of Innovative Textiles



Ms. Philippa Kauper




09291/409-3314 philippa.kauperhof-university.LÖSCHEN.de





Campus Hof

95028 Hof

Campus Münchberg

Kulmbacher Str. 76
95213 Münchberg