Visa and entry

If you are planning to come to Hof University, you should gather information regarding the visa regulations as early as possible. If you come from a non-EU country, you often have to apply for a student visa to be able to enter Germany.


Please get in touch with your local German embassy or check this website in order to see if you need a visa for Germany:


How to apply for a student visa?


After having successfully applied at Hof University and being accepted you receive an official Admission Letter. Please use this letter for the visa application at the German Embassy/Consulate in your home country.


Attention: Visa processes in some countries can take several months. As appointments during peak times are limited, we reccommend to apply for and book your visa appointment as soon as possible (in some cases even before admission)!


In order to apply for a student visa, the following documents are usually required:

• Valid passport

• 2 biometric passport photos

• Entitlement to university admission, as recognized in Germany (usually a high school diploma or graduation examination certificate)

• Evidence of previous academic performance

• Proof that complete financial support for one year is guaranteed

• Letter of Admission


The requirements for student visas vary from country to country, e.g. with regard to required language tests. To find out about the specific regulations for your home country, please check with your local German embassy. Please note that it is generally not possible to enter Germany on a tourist visa and change your visa to a student visa once you are in Hof!

You have to submit your visa application at the German Embassy or the German Consulate in your country of residence. Please note that the visa process can take quite long (up to three months!) so it is advisable to apply as early as possible for the visa to make sure you can start your studies on time. A list with all German embassies and consulates can be obtained on the Federal Foreign Office‘s website:

You may have to open a blocked account. In this case, the embassy will notify you. If the German Embassy in your country does not inform you about blocked accounts, it means that you do not need one!

You can find more information on blocked account for foreign students here.


  • The visa you get in your home country is normally valid for three to six months. After your arrival in Germany, it is necessary to extend it. Before you can extend your visa, you have to register at the Immigration Office in Hof.

  • Please apply for a student visa – not for a tourist visa! Tourist visas cannot be converted into a residence permit for academic programs in Germany.

If you are not sure if you are allowed to travel to another country on your current visa or residence permit, please enquire at the respective country’s embassy for their entry requirements.


After having applied for a student visa, the next step is to take out a health insurance. It is mandatory for all students!



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