Residence permit - Only for Non-EU citizens


Non-EU citizens will also have to register at our Immigration Office (Ausländerbehörde) in Hof in order to receive the residence permit.


For this registration, please provide the following documents:


  • Your passport

  • Your visa (if required)

  • Financial statement*

  • Certificate of enrolment of Hof University of Applied Sciences

  • Proof of health insurance (in German or English translation)

  • 2 biometric photos

  • Approx. € 120 for the residence permit (fees may vary depending on your country of origin)


*To prove that you have sufficient financial means (in 2017: EUR€735 per month, you have several options. You can, for instance, open a blocked account and put in the money for one year. Also a confirmation about a scholarship or a letter from your parents about their financial support for you is acceptable.


After four to five weeks you will get a separate document in credit-card format which serves as residence permit. The issuing of the card costs around EUR€120. You can find more information on the website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees: -> Welcome to Germany -> Residence in Germany -> The electronic residence title

If you come to Germany to follow a Master’s program taking several semesters, make sure you take a letter from the student affairs office (or the Institute for Advanced Studies for students of Software Engineering and German-Indian Management Studies) stating your expected graduation date. Then, the residence permit can be issued for a longer period and you do not have to renew it so often.



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