Shopping and food

Here you can find information on shops and supermarkets in Hof.



The prices of groceries depend on the kind of supermarket you go to. There are discount stores where you can find only a limited number of brand products and a lot of no-name products with cheaper prices. Generally, discount stores do not offer a large assortment of products.

In other supermarkets you can find a lot of brand products as well as a large variety of products. Most prices are therefore more expensive than at the dicounters. Here you can find things for a more individual taste (e.g. Asian or Mexican food and spices).

The opening hours of supermarkets are generally Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 20:00. Some supermarkets open at 7:00. Please keep in mind that on Sundays and on bank holidays, all supermarkets are closed.

These supermarkets are located near the university and the dormitories:


Christoph-Klauß-Str. 15, 95028 Hof


Christoph-Klauß-Str. 13, 95028 Hof


Christoph-Klauß-Str. 11, 95028 Hof


Fabrikzeile 36-42, 95028 Hof

Tip: There is a deposit (“Pfand”) for many bottles which you get back if you bring the bottle back to the supermarket. If you have to pay deposit for a bottle, it is normally written on the bottle itself or on the price label.


Opening hours in Germany are quite strictly determined by law. The opening hours differ from city to city. In bigger cities, shops selling clothes and other goods are open from Monday to Saturday till 20:00.

In smaller cities like Hof, most stores and retailers are open Monday to Friday till 18.00 or 20.00, on most Saturdays only until 14.00 or 16.00. In Hof, many shops are open longer on Thursday evening (19.00 or 20.00). There are also several Sundays during the year when all shops are open. On Sundays, only petrol stations, kiosks and shops close to railway stations are open. Also some bakeries open for a few hours in the morning to sell fresh bread and pastries. 



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