Emergencies and medical care

Important information in case of emergency or medical care

Emergency phone numbers

110 Police

112 Fire brigade

112 Emergency medical assistance


Medical Care Doctors

If you need medical treatment, call the doctor to make an appointment. If it is urgent, you should tell the medical secretary. This is necessary to get an appointment immediately or at least on the same day.

A full list of all doctors in Hof is available in the local phone directory:



As most doctors do not have consultation hours on Wednesday afternoons or weekends, there is a medical stand-by duty:


Eppenreuther Str. 9, 95028 Hof

Phone +49 9281 / 83 33 44

Consultation hours:

Wed 19.00 - 21.00

Fri 19.00 - 21.00

Sat, Sun, holidays 9.00 - 13.00 / 16.00 - 21.00



There are state hospitals (non-profit organizations) and private hospitals. If you are admitted to a hospital, the health insurance company will pay for the treatment but you have to pay a hospitalization fee (see chapter “Health insurance”).


Sana Klinikum Hof (Hospital) :

Eppenreuther Str. 9, 95032 Hof

Phone (general) +49 9281 / 980


Emergency medical services (Red Cross): 19222



In Germany most drugs can only be bought in an “Apotheke”. They should not be confused with “Drogerien”, which offer cosmetics and some freely available medical products such as cough mixtures or food supplements.


A full list of all pharmacies in Hof is available in the local phone directory:



Generally, there are two types of medicine: freely-available ones and the ones available only on prescription. The latter will only be given to you if a doctor has prescribed them. The German Medical Preparations Act is very strict and some medicines which may be freely-available in your own country (antibiotics, for example) always have to be prescribed by a doctor.

For medicines that are not prescribed by a doctor, you have to pay the full price. For prescribed medicines, you may have to pay only a limited amount of money (see chapter “Health insurance”).


The on-duty pharmacies on weekends and holidays can be found in the local newspaper “Frankenpost”. There are also some internet pharmacies where you can get medicines sometimes cheaper than in “normal” pharmacies. 

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