Internships Abroad

International internship experience is getting more and more important. Going abroad gives you the opportunity to discover other business cultures, improve your foreign language skills, broaden your mind and round out your personality.

Interning abroad requires both initiative and diligent planning. You should start gathering information and get in touch with our staff at least one year before the internship.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best time for an internship abroad?

You can intern from the first semester onwards until graduation (or sometimes even after graduating). In order to be recognized as part of your studies the internship must fulfill the criteria established by your study program. It is usually a good idea to conduct more than just the mandatory internship during the course of your studies.

How can I find a placement?

You can find placement offers in all big international career portals. In addition, our own portal StellenHOF and the job portal of Bavarian universities (in German) list all placement offers sent to us by employers.

How do I finance my internship?

If you are planning to intern in Europe, you can apply for an ERASMUS scholarship. Further information on scholarships and funding is provided here.

What else should I keep in mind?

Other things to consider include visa, insurances, accommodation, travel or legal requirements for working in your country of choice.



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