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Studying in Hof as an exchange student

Founded in 1994 and run by the Free State of Bavaria, Hof University is a student-centered and innovative university focusing on the career perspectives of all our students. There are around 4,000 students studying in Hof with more than 20 % international students from more than 60 nations. 

If you also want to profit from a modern study environment and an active student life on campus inform yourself here about the opportunity to come to Hof within an exchange program.

Let's prepare your stay!

Studierende laufen durch das B-Foyer am Campus Hof

What our exchange students say

Giulia vor dem Studentenwohnheim
Pamela auf einer Bank im Grünen

Giulia from Italy

"What I liked most about my exchange period is my personal growth.

Hof was my first experience abroad and I had conflicting feelings before leaving Italy: fear and excitement. They were mainly due to three things: speaking in a different language, leaving people I love and making new ones and adapting myself to a new way of learning and studying at Hochschule Hof."

Pamela from Mexico

"My exchange in Hof University changed my life forever. I met incredible people who now I know they will be my friends for life. My classes were interesting and I always felt comfortable with my professors, who always made me feel supported. I came here because the study program and topics that I was offered gave me the opportunity of expanding my knowledge and I am grateful for what I learned.

Living in Hof was different in what I expected, however it has a lot of beauties and hidden gems that along with my friends full-filled my heart. Now I have an experience that I will never forget and I invite the future students to integrate to the different activities that the university offers, such as the movie nights or the student clubs and to not be afraid of socialize as much as you can (coming from an introvert)!"

Asya from Bulgaria

"I was positively surprised that it is super easy to navigate around Hof University’s website where all the information you need is explained easy and in detail.

The university has an amazing, warm International Team organizing a welcome week, the purpose of which is to assure that all new students have a smooth start in their Hof journey. As we all know, finding a place to stay is a big challenge, but not in Hof. The Housing Office is helping all new international students with finding an accommodation.

So, you after knowing the campus, getting to know Hof area and having a place to stay, what about social contacts? It is a peace of cake to make friends and contacts here, because everybody: Professors, employees of the university and students  are warm, communicative and speak English, as well 😊" 

Exchange and program students are nominated by their home institution to study at Hof University of Applied Sciences for one or two semesters. Please have a look at our fact sheet for exchange students. Also notice that unfortunatly we cannot accept any freemovers. 


Exchange agreements exist between the partner universities.  It is also possible to study at Hof University of Applied Sciences within the framework of the ERASMUS+ program.


Application process for exchange students

You can find all relevant informations about the application process on our webpage. Check the link for further informations.

Application process for exchange students

English course catalogue

Hof University offers a wide range of study programs in Business & Economics, Engineering and Computer Science on undergraduate and graduate level. Undergraduate students can choose their modules from any of our Bachelor’s programs only. Postgraduate students can choose their modules from any of our Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.
However, all exchange students must fulfill the requirements set by their home institution.

Modules taught in English

Grading system

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a standardized system across the European Union and other collaborating European countries for higher education. Further information about the European Credit Transfer System are available on the website of the european commission.

Find out more about the grading system at Hof University

FAQs for exchange students

You still have questions? Our FAQs will help orient and clear up any uncertainty you may have as an exchange students.

FAQs for exchange students

General information on our exchange program

At a glance

For attending lectures in English or German, students need at least B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

According to the guidelines of the European Commission, 60 credits represent the workload of a full year of study; the workload for one semester corresponds to 30 credits.

Credits are awarded only when the module has been completed and all required examinations have been successfully taken. Exchange students can take as many modules as they wish but it is advisable to take no more than 30 – 35 credits.

Undergraduate students can choose their modules from any of our Bachelor’s programs only. Postgraduate students can choose their modules from any of our Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.

However, all exchange students must fulfill the requirements set by their home institution.

Our services for international students

Our Housing Office supports international students in finding their first accommodation if they are not in Germany yet.

More information can be found on our housing office webpage.

Housing office webpage

Prior to the start of each semester, we organize an orientation period for all new international students. You can expect social and academic guidance, assistance with administrative issues and special social and cultural activities for integration.

We will help you smoothly settle in your new personal and academic


The International Office together with the International Student Network assist you before and during your studies in any social and academic belongings. 

You will be guided through the German bureaucracy jungle by the International Office Hof  before, during and after your studies at Hof University.

During our Orientation Weeks and throughout the whole semester, the International Office and the International Student Network organize several events, get togethers, and excursions/city tours for the international students. 

Our Language Center offers free German courses during the Orientation Weeks and throughout the whole semester as well as other language courses. Find more information on the webpage of our Language Center. 

 Language Center

Student group "International Student Network"

The student group "International Student Network (ISN)" consists of highly motivated and active German and international students who organize social activities for international students throughout the semester, like International “Stammtisch“ (get together), joint social activities, e.g. city trips, cooking sessions, language café, karaoke night, bowling and much more. Connect to our international student community on facebook and instagram!


International Office

The department for exchange students within the International Office will provide you with all the information and support you need to make your stay in Hof possible.

Campus Hof | Building A | Room A 016


Philippa Kauper - Exchange students Engineering and Computer Science

+49 (0) 9281 / 409 3314

Marta Malik - Exchange students Business

+49 (0) 9281 / 409 3313

International Office and Welcome Center

Language Courses

The Language Center offers a broad range of compulsory and elective foreign language courses and free German classes as well! Our language courses are aimed at our students, but interested non-students can also join them. It is an opportunity to develop and improve your foreign language skills and expert language knowledge for academic purposes.

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Turkish
Language Center


 Philippa Kauper
Philippa Kauper +49 9281 409 - 3314

Coordinator for incoming students - Computer Science and Engineering

 Marta Malik
Marta Malik +49 9281 409 - 3313

Coordinator for incoming students - Business