Student experience

"What I loved most about studying Master's in Software Engineering at Hof University was the excellent range of attractive, and practice-oriented study options as well as the outstanding teaching and research curriculum. Deciding to pursue my degree at Hof University was an extremely fulfilling experience which in turn deepen my professional and social skills. The well-structured program readily set me up for the job market and I was hired immediately after the completion of my degree.

Moreover, studying at Hof University exposed me to individuals from around the world; since it is a multicultural university with diverse groups of people from different social backgrounds. Working with students from all over the world as well as members of faculty also granted me a global perspective to addressing both social and technical problems. Additionally, the mandatory German modules have made it simple to be well integrated into the German culture and society at large as well equipped me to enhance my German skills. I would absolutely recommend Hof University to everyone looking forward to the unique opportunity to combine their studies with first-hand experience life in a German speaking country. It was an ultimate delight studying and living in Hof!"

Khen Brian Quartey
Graduate Master Software Engineering from Ghana

"The Master's program Operational Excellence offers a great platform to connect with international students from different engineering backgrounds, thus making it an amazing course to exchange ideas and open the horizon. The praxis-oriented approach opens the gate to the German industry landscape, and it is worthwhile to watch out for the numerous family-owned hidden champions.

As the students are coming from all around the world it is an experience to grow not solely on an academic but as well on a personal level and make friends for life. The city of Hof features a lot of outside activities to enjoy the weekends like swimming at the lake Untreusee, canoeing at the river Saale or hiking in the Fichtelgebirge. And of course, there is always a spare time for Bavarian Brotzeit."

Shantall Cisneros Saldana
Student M.B.A. and Eng. Operational Excellence from Bolivia

Studying at Hof University Graduate School

Meet our international students Hugo (from Mexico), Eduardo (from Honduras) & Julio (from Mexico) and find out about their experiences with the study programs Operational Excellence (M.B.A. and Eng.) and General Management (M.B.A.) at Hof University.

Perfect place for pursuing my Master

"For someone like me, desiring for a practical oriented Master, Hof University proved to be a perfect place for pursuing my Master studies in Germany. The curriculum is designed by the professors having several years of professional experiences in their respective fields. Therefore, the students are prepared according to the current and future industry demands. The University has a very modern infrastructure with a 24 hours accessible library and computers, Wi-Fi, canteen and sport facilities.  During my initial days the University helped me with finding an accommodation, completing the necessary government formalities and settling in Hof. Throughout the year, the Student Union organizes several fun and engaging events, thereby creating an overall intercultural atmosphere."

Akash Saraswat
Graduate M.B.A. and Eng. Operational Excellence from India,
currently working as Quality Management Specialist at Cybex GmbH in Bayreuth

One of the best choices in my life

"I always wanted to pursue higher studies.  Therefore, the Master's program in Software Engineering for Industrial Applications caught my attention.  However, being a skilled professional with eight years of IT work experience, an introvert and a married female, I was a bit hesitant about my decision of doing masters in Hof University and also about my future in Germany.

I can now confidently say that choosing this course is one of the best choices in my life, as I had to challenge myself to learn new lessons every day from my highly skilled and knowledgeable professors, who not only inspired and motivated me to work hard on learning new technologies and enhancing my coding skills but also doing research.  All those efforts allowed me to study, practice and learn more.

I felt very glad when I received the scholarship for my academic performance in the winter semester.  It made me realise that Germans recognise hard work and merit rather than your race, gender and age."

Kavya Kadiyala
Master Software Engineering student from India

About the city of Hof

Get a glimpse about what our international students Eduardo (from Honduras), Julio and Hugo (both from Mexico) think about studying in Germany and what they like about Hof as a city.

High intercultural diversity

"What I like most about my master’s program is the internationality.

The high intercultural diversity of all students as well as their practical experience in different occupational areas encourages the students to be open-minded and interested in various topics. Thus, especially group works and discussions are very productive and interesting.

Together with the support of highly skilled and practical oriented professors a really efficient studying atmosphere is formed.

An additional advantage for me as a non-native English-speaker is that you can constantly prove and improve your language skills in different subject-specific areas."

Florian Sack
Graduate M.Eng. Project Management and
Graduate M.B.A. General Management from Germany

Hof will always be my home in Germany!

"The instance I arrived in Hof, I fell in love with this beautiful city. Studying at Hof University has been a very satisfying educational experience for me. The University provides you strong international exposure at the same time deep insights in German life and work culture.

The Master program Operational Excellence is strategically designed to enable you for a successful career. The theoretical knowledge gained at the university can be applied practically in industry during the internship and Master Thesis. This practical experience allowed me to expand my professional and social skills. The course also offers you to learn German language thoroughly, giving you an edge in the German job markets.

I highly recommend this program at Hof University to my peers."

Nikunj Penta
M.B.A. and Eng. Operational Excellence student from Pune, India,
currently doing his internship at Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart

Perfect balance of learning and self-development

"The educational experience at Hof University is one of the best I’ve had. The M.B.A. General Management offers a perfect balance of learning and self-development. This course not only develops the skills and knowledge regarding the course modules but also helps to open up your mind to the subtleties of a changing world, developing economies and upcoming trends. The most important aspect for me was the critical discussions during the lectures along with the professors and colleagues.

I have always focused my career towards the Automotive Market, coming from a technical background with a work experience of almost 3 years in Business Development. Currently I am pursuing my internship at Allianz in Munich, setting up insurances and developing strategies for the upcoming trends in EVs.

I would highly recommend this course to those with a good prior work experience who are looking forward to be the pioneers in this changing world."

Mandar Patil
M.B.A. General Management student from Pune, India


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