Theses and projects – Textile Design (B.A.)

Barbara Regus Color Project 2014


Transfer printing in combination with embroidery techniques.

Elena Malik Bachelor Thesis 2014


Stackable women's collection using hot stamping foil.

Designblick 2013

Annual Exhibition of the Media Design and Textile Design courses.

Lisa Baderschneider Bachelor Thesis 2013


“faltwerk” shows folded jacquard woven textiles, which are reminiscent of Japanese Origami folds, using various synthetic yarns and special weave structures.

The collection includes 14 fabrics to be used for decorative purposes 

Yasmin Tanja Hofmann Bachelor Thesis 2013


Square shapes are used as the basis for surface design and pattern making.


Marina & Nadine Schrems Bachelor Thesis 2013


Different braiding techniques within elastic textiles.

Cornelia Czieczor Bachelor Thesis 2013


Bag collection made of leather - surface design using different techniques.

Andrea Rauher Bachelor Thesis 2013

Tinkering WITH EDEN

Large format screen prints for interiors.

Kathrin Nirschl Bachelor Thesis 2013


Functional clothing from natural materials: Waxed cotton and sheep's wool.

Hornschuch Young Talents Design Award 2013

In cooperation with the Konrad Hornschuch AG Weissbach, textile design students at Hof University developed creative ideas for self-adhesive design foils of the brand dc-fix ©. Under the direction of Prof. Anita Oswald design sets for the individual design of cabinet systems and shelves arose. 3-D, retro and illusion were the themes, and for each a winner was determined and awarded with a cash prize. In the end the winners also refined a piece of furniture with their own designs. 

1 Prize - Illusion: Martina Trummer     to the video
2 Prize - 3D: Amelie Eckardt              to the video
3 Prize - Retro: Sarah Funck              to the video

Caroline Regula Schuon Bachelor Thesis 2013

eyear - listen with your eyes

Decorative light fabrics

KURZ Company Cooperation 2013

The company Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG, in cooperation with the Hof University Munchberg campus, made hot stamping foils available for textile design students. Using these foils, under the direction of Prof. Martina Ziegenthaler, these students developed innovative textile designs as part of a semester project and transformed them ​​into clothing collections. Made possible by Kurz, the eight collections developed by the students in group work were then presented in a three-day photo-shooting. With names like "Tweed Rider" or "Flouncy Fashion" they were placed under the direction of photo specialist Jürgen Hinterleithner of HL-Studios.

making-of video (references »photo design" industry "far right)
to the photos

Martina Trummer Bachelor Thesis 2013


Conceptual development of a partial illumination for decorative moldings in Premium-Plastics- Technology.
Creating a decorative foil surface in day-night design, using a multicolor motif, which disappears under special circumstances. The project was realized through a suitable sequence of screen printing layers. The radioscopy colored motif is only visible in backlit condition (night design); without backlighting (day design) the motive remains invisible.

Johanna Weber Bachelor Thesis 2013


Mountain jackets from traditional materials, like wool, loden, silk. Newly combined and interpreted

Jana Biebl Bachelor Thesis 2013


Horse and Rider Collection using various surface design techniques.

Caroline Seelinger Bachelor Thesis 2012

Bayerischer Staatspreis für Nachwuchsdesigner 2012, Award
Dreidimensionale Raumkonstrukte mit textiler Flächengestaltung

Inspired by spacer knits and fabrics, the analysis of corrugated board and packaging materials laid the basis for the development of a number of structures. Two groups emerged: four corrugated and four square structures. Three-dimensional structures result from the different bending and folding of individual layers. In addition, the individual layers are embroidered. The complete pattern is not visible until combined. The colors of the embroidery yarns have been chosen to support the lightness of the fabric as well as the easy, floating and fresh appearance of the spatial textile objects.

Jacqueline Satzinger Bachelor Thesis 2012


Physical vapor deposition on textile surfaces.

Andrea Kastens Bachelor Thesis 2012


Screen print design for fashion.

Kristina Bohl Bachelor Thesis 2012

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