Business Administration (B.A.)

Key Facts

Academic degree: Bachelor of Arts
Duration: 3,5 years
ECTS: 210
Start: March and October
Teaching language: German
Fees: None
Campus location: Hof
Special entry requirements: None
General entry requirements

…professionally competent, practice related, international… 

The study of Business Administration empowers you to develop solutions in all economic and administrative areas on the basis of scientific knowledge. You should have the ability to support the management on different business areas. After a familiarization period you should be able to undertake managerial functions in economy and administration, respectively to work on an entrepreneurial or freelance basis.

A dedicated team of professors and lecturers offer basic knowledge and practical solutions based on the current events of professional practice in the areas of principles and advancement. In addition to providing professional knowledge, imparting key qualifications is as well encouraged. A business language has to be chosen as a foreign language. The practical study semester is integrated in the course of study; however, the learning location is displaced from the university to the company. This practice time of almost half a year is appreciated by many companies and therefore, a significant advantage over university study programs.

After the practical study semester, you choose from the following specializations building on your basic knowledge of business administration:

  • Controlling and Finance Management
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Human Resource Management and Organization
  • Health Management
  • Tax and Financial Statements
  • Management and Economics in Modern India
  • Tourism Management (study semester abroad)
  • Corporate Management in Special Economic Areas (study semester abroad)
  • Commerce (study semester abroad)
  • Public Management
  • Business Formation and Business Succession
  • Language

In cooperation with foreign partner universities, the academic degree of the foreign university can be awarded for a study semester abroad.

Your professional work and development opportunities are characterized by an exceptionally wide range of businesses. Possible fields of activity offer the industry sector, the service sector and the public service sector. You can pursue your career both as a consultant as well as a senior executive. 


Aktuelle News

The closing date for Application for the Bachelor of Business Management is extended until 15.09.2018

All prospective students who want to start the Bachelor program Business Management in the coming winter semester can apply  on the university homepage from now on.

Online application

Study Focus on Management and Economy in Modern India

Study Program Business Administration

More than eight years ago, the University of Hof began to orientate themselves in their internationalization efforts towards India. Since 2011, the India focus is now firmly anchored in the mission statement of this educational institution. Economic relations between Germany and India have intensified in recent years. Both countries see themselves as close partners. However, the cultural differences are notable. Cross-cultural misunderstandings constitute a major barrier in German-Indian business contacts. Professionals and managers, who move competently in both cultures, are increasingly needed in the future.

As of the summer semester 2014, the University of Hof offers students of the bachelor degree programs Business Administration and Business Law this new two-semester study focus on India, among others, in cooperation with the Nirma University in Ahmedabad and the National Law School of India University in Bangalore. 

Focus India

Important skills for managerial positions

Askin Akbulut

Alumnus, Business Administration (Bachelor of Arts)

"By studying Business Administration at the University of Hof, I have gained important skills that have opened up the way to my current managerial position.

In particular, the diversity of the acquired knowledge allows a very wide range of fields of activity after graduation." 

Contact person

Prof. Dr. Georg Fischer | University of Applied Science Hof

Prof. Dr. Georg Fischer

Program Head

Business Department
Business Administration

Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof

Room: B 133
Phone +49 (0) 9281 / 409 4090
Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 4090
E-Mail: georg.fischerhof-university.LÖ

Prof. Dr. Matthias Mungenast | University of Applied Science Hof

Prof. Dr. Matthias Mungenast

Head of Board of Examiners

Business Department
Business Administration

Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof

Room: D 176
Phone +49 (0) 9281 / 409 4070
Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 4070
E-Mail: matthias.mungenasthof-university.LÖ

Claudia Bilski | University of Applied Science Hof

Claudia Bilski

Business Department
Assistant to the Business Department (replacement)

Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof

Room: B 221
Phone +49 (0) 9281 / 409 4013
Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 4013
E-Mail: claudia.bilskihof-university.LÖ


Prof. Dr. Michael Spörl | University of Applied Science Hof

Prof. Dr. Michael Spörl

Academic Advisor

Business Department
Business Administration

Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof

Room: B 133
Phone +49 (0) 9281 / 409 4110
Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 4110
E-Mail: mspoerlhof-university.LÖ

Holger Edelmann | University of Applied Science Hof

Holger Edelmann

Student Affairs Office
Administrative Assistant

Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof

Room: A 115
Phone +49 (0) 9281 / 409 3223
Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 3223
E-Mail: holger.edelmannhof-university.LÖ


Business Administration (B.A.)


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