Collection and shelving

General information

We offer about 65.000 media, including books, journals, daily newspapers, ebooks, databases, ejournals. Main topics of the stock are business, law, computer science, technology and design as well as related subjects. Also general scientific or general reference titles are available in stock.

Shelving in reading rooms / stack room

Reading room

The holdings of the library are arranged according to the "Regensburger Verbundklassifikation" (Union classification of Regensburg). Each book receives an individual call number. 
Example of a call number: 100/QP 600 M495-2(4)+2:

Lending classification: 100
RVK-notation: QP 600
coding of the author´s name: M495
Volume: -2
Edition: (4)
copy: +2

In the library in Hof call numbers have a lending classification with 3 numbers,  in Münchberg  4 numbers (for example 1000).

The non-lending collection is signed with a yellow label.


Stack room

Older editions of newspapers and journals are in the stack room. In the InfoGuide you can recognize these on the lending classification 500 (Hof) and 5000 (Münchberg). You have the possibility to order them.

Journals and newspapers

Course reserve collection (for a semester)

These media are selected by professors and lecturers for a period of a semester. They have the lending classification 300 (Hof) and 3000 (Münchberg) - they are for library use only.


You can find the course reserve collection in Hof in front of the carrels, in Münchberg in the copy-room of the library.

Overview of all reserve collections





Campus Hof

Campus Hof

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Campus Münchberg

Campus Münchberg

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