Health insurance

Mandatory for all students!

In order to enrol at Hof University of Applied Sciences, students need to provide proof of health insurance. Please make sure to take out a health insurance and send it to us by email before your arrival!



There are various possibilities:

Students from the EU:

or from other countries with which Germany has a health insurance agreement can maintain the health insurance from their home country by bringing a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or an E 128 / E 111 form to our University. It is essential that the Insurance Card is valid for the entire study period.

All other international students:

are required to either take out a health insurance by a state health insurance provider located in Germany or prove sufficient health insurance for abroad which covers the entire study period.

The German student insurance has standard price slabs (about €90 per month) and it is highly subsidized by the state especially for the students to ease their financial burden.

Adequate health insurance coverage is a pre-requisite for enrolment.

In case a sufficient health insurance from the home country is available, we need a confirmation (in English or German) from the insurance company about the insurance status. Please note that translations need to be certified!

In case the existing health insurance is not covering the study abroad, an additional insurance has to be taken out. Please compare several companies and decide independently and let us have a confirmation letter.



Liability insurance

We strongly recommend you take out a liability insurance for the whole duration of your stay in Germany.



Accident insurance

All enrolled students are automatically insured against accidents related to their studies.

During practical semesters students are entitled to statutory accident insurance provided by the employer.

Please note: Students are obliged to immediately report accidents of any kind (including those occurring on the way to the university or on the way home) to the Student Affairs Office.

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Please make sure to send us a copy of your health insurance by email before you arrive in Germany.

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