In Hof accommodation is available in our student dormitories or on the private market.

You will have to allow around EUR 200 - 300 rent (plus additional costs for water, heating and electricity) for a room
and EUR 300-400 rent (plus additional costs) for a one-room apartment, which is quite reasonable in comparison to other German towns and cities.

If you need assistance with finding accommodation, please get in touch with our Housing Office.

You can find more detailed information about housing in Hof here


General information about accommodation in Hof

Security deposit: depending on the size and the type of your accommodation you will be expected to pay a deposit of about 300-700 Euros. The deposit will be reimbursed after you have moved out, on condition that you have not damaged the property and you return the room empty and clean to the landlord. It takes 3-18 months after the end of your rental agreement for reimbursement to take place.

The rental contracts are always for a period of 6 or 12 months:
- winter semester: September 1st - February 28th
- summer semester: March 1st - August 31st
The length of your rental agreement cannot be changed and you will have to pay for the whole duration, even if you arrive later or leave earlier.

The rental contract is between you and your landlord. The rental agreement has to be signed latest when you arrive. Make a move-in appointment together with your landlord. All damages in your inventory should be protocoled and signed by both of you.

Paying your rent: The monthly rental will either be debited from your bank account or you should install a standing order for the periodic payment. It is worth to have a German bank account, which is free of charge for students.

Picking up your keys: you can pick up your keys in the Housing Office during our office hours. Remember to inform us about your arrival!

Facilities in your room: The room facilities vary from one residence to another. Crockery, cutlery, pots and pans, towels and bedding are normally not included. Read carefully your individual offer!


Moving out of your student housing: before you leave your accomodation, please check that your room is in the same condition as you´ve found it. Reparations should be done before your leave!  Remember to clean and empty your room before you check out. The costs of any damages or cleaning costs will be deducted  from your security deposit. Please make a check-out appointment with your landlord or the janitor of your house to inspect and sign off your room. You have to inform the owner of your accomodation about your home bank account number so that the securirty deposit can be transferred to your account. It will take 3-18 months until your security deposit can be refunded.


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