FAQs About Studying Abroad

Planning your stay abroad

How much time do I need for preparation?

It usually takes 10 – 12 months to properly plan and organize a semester abroad.

What if semesters at my university of choice clash with the examination period in Hof?

Participation in some exchange programs is only possible if you combine your studies with an internship. Unfortunately, it is not possible to delay your studies at the partner institution.

Hof University has more than 80 partner institutions, but not all of them offer exchange options for my study program. What is the reason for that?

Collaborations with other universities are usually restricted to one department or study program. For this reason it is possible, for instance, that a partner university does not offer exchange programs for students of computer science despite having a department of computer science. Our exchanges database provides detailed information on the programs available.

Credit transfer

Can I transfer credits earned abroad to Hof University?

Almost all our study programs offer the possibility of credit transfer. Our fact sheets about studying abroad provide information on credit transfer regulations. You can find them in the folder “Internationales” on the S drive.

Financing your studies abroad

Do I have to pay tuition fees at a partner institution abroad?

Participants in the ERASMUS program or certain exchange programs with partner institutions refraining from charging fees do not have to pay for tuition. However, some exchange programs require you to pay for tuition. You can find details about fees in our exchanges database.

How do I finance my studies abroad?

There are several possibilities, such as ERASMUS, other scholarships or support provided by the Federal Education Assistance Act (BAföG).


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