"Languages are the gateway to the world"

Learning foreign languages is the key to broadening one’s career and educational opportunities. We offer excellent, practice-oriented language training, and students of all study programs can undertake our courses.

The language courses offered by the language Center at Hof University follow the guidelines of UNIcert®, which is a certification system designed specifically for foreign language education at universities.

UNIcert® certificates are recognized all over the world and thus promote the international mobility of students. The trade focus also allows special application-oriented and practical language training.

In some study programs, prior language courses can be credited. Please check with the respective head of studies.

Hof University offers UNIcert® courses from Level I to III+.

* What is UNIcert®? (Internet- Website of the technical University Dresden)

English has global significance as a business and scientific language. Therefore, many of the study programs offered at Hof University require students to attend compulsory English courses. In addition, students wishing to improve their English language skills can also undertake the UNIcert English courses (technical or business English) offered by the language center. The language center also offers many other courses such as business communication, conversation and presentations skills.

The French language plays an important role as a global business language, and France is one of Germany’s most important trade partners.

In the study programs of International Management and Business Administration, students can choose French as a compulsory language.

Spanish is one of the most important and widely spoken languages worldwide, and therefore, today's businesses cannot afford to ignore its importance.

International Management and Business Administration students can take Spanish courses within their study program. However, Spanish courses are not compulsory.   

Each September, the Language Center offers an intensive Spanish course for beginners for the students of the International Management study program. Students of other study programs may also undertake this course as external participants.

Information for the intensive Spanish course can be found here.

Chinese is the language of people of Han, which are 90% of Chinese population. Chinese is also one of the oldest languages of the worl, which ist spoken by a lot of people. Chinese is challenge and chance at the same time. 

Chinese letters and calligraphy

The courses letters and calligraphy (beginners and advanced learners) are included as own parts in UNIcert-courses.

Especially due to the proximity to the countries of Eastern Europe, the Russian language is very important to Hof University.

The advantage of the EU’s freedom of movement policy is leading us to a Europe without borders. As a result, language skills are becoming even more and more important, not only for tourism but also for the economy. 

Since the summer semester 2015, Hof University has been offering Business Turkish courses. These classes are specially geared at those who have learned the Turkish language from their families, but grew up in Germany. This course has 4 hours of instruction per week and is taught at the level B1/B2, according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Please note that this course is not aimed at beginners. About half of the course focuses on the acquisition or improvement of language skills, whereas the second half is aimed at acquiring and practicing Business Turkish. The classes are based on business-related topics and also cover general knowledge about the country. 


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