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Examples for practical topics:

TopicField of studiesDescriptionStudy group
Hybrid Index StructuresComputer SciencesSupport of searches combining textual and conventional search conditions. Only these index structures ensure acceptable response time for very large sets of heterogeneous data.Multimedia Information Systems
OSS-EKI Computer Sciences 
  • Comparison of open source business intelligence suites: Pentaho, JasperSoft and SpagoBI
  •  Enterprise search with Apache Solr – integration of DMS, Wiki and Groupware
  • Social Media – co-existence of Wiki, weblog, micro blogging, forum, chat and comments
  • Comparison of open source project management solutions with MS Project Server regarding their use for software development projects
  • Development of an intelligent algorithm for suggesting process roles for employees
  • Single Sign-On software and standards compared 
System Integration
Semantic WebComputer Sciences
  • Effective and simple definition of semantic queries – comparison of existing approaches and design of an own concept
  • Comparison of RDF triple stores regarding their extensibility for own data types and filters (e.g. geographic data or time intervals)
System Integration
Smart Home Computer Sciences 
  • Design and prototypical implementation of a home automation system running on Raspberry Pi
  • Possibilities and limitations of smart home solutions – a comprehensive case
  • Smart Metering at the right level of granularity – between single devices and the house overall
System Integration
Smart Tag Computer SciencesComparison of SmartTag approaches in MS Office and LibreOffice with prototypical implementation of a SmartTag Handler in LibreOffice System Integration
Spatial Internet Search Engine SARA

Computer Sciences

  • Support of additional spatial criteria when searching news.
  • Search queries can be restricted to pre-specified regions without indicating a specific name which is probably not mentioned in the relevant documents
Multimedia Information Systems
Text Mining Applications / Opinion MiningComputer Sciences
  • Derivation of Domain Specific Linguistic Resources for Opinion Mining Applications
  • Application of Aspect Based Opinion Mining (in a specific domain)
  • Derivation of Linguistic Resources for Opinion Mining Applications (other languages - not English or German!)


Analytical Information Systems
Text Mining MethodsComputer SciencesNamed Entity Recognition, Relationship Extraction or Topic Detection are investigated to extract structured information from unstructured text. This extracted information is used to increase the precision of search engines and to combine this information with other structured data.Multimedia Information Systems
Unified Information Access Computer Sciences
  • Result presentation and user interfaces in enterprise search engines – State-of-the-art and enhancement suggestions
  • Are 3D user interfaces on the Web ready for everyday use already? A case study with E-Learning of historical events
  • Unified Information Access – comparison of user interfaces for OLAP, product search engines and full text search with an approach to integrate them
System Integration
Web Development Computer Sciences
  • Relational vs. NoSQL – design and implementation of a list management solution with freely configurable columns and a Web interface
  • Design and implementation of a Web user interface for business objects like employees, products and departments
  • Design and implementation of a Web-based mind-mapping tool
  • Design and implementation of a Web-based vector painter for technical diagrams
  • Design and implementation of a Web-based process and org-chart modeling software
  • Design and implementation of a graphically appealing commenting feature for Wikis
System Integration

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