Workshops and rooms

Bind and print workshop

In our university- owned print workshop quite a lot is possible: We are able to realize large- format photorealistic prints with professional color management on different materials.

Own books can be produced here as well. Soft- or hardcover, back wire- stitching, Wire-O-Binding, back adhesive binding or sewing- everything is possible. A big selection of material for production and finishing is kept.

With all necessary...
…and digitial tools and printers.

Photographic studio

Two photographic studios are in attendance on all students for the realization of their projects:

The small photographic studio has a four- headed flash system in a comfortable ceiling- rail system at ist dissposal and is excellent suitable for repro photographs and ingenious portrait photographs. Just as well this studio is used with pleasure for realizing experimental photographic projects because among other things a light- intense strobe is on hand.

The big photographic studio offers because of a surface of 130 square metres and a ceiling height of around 6 metres, its ground level access and two permanently installed background systems almost unlimited possibilities. A multitude of efficient flash heads can be combined with all imaginable light shapers and used with a professional optional studio equipment as fog or wind machine for different projects.

The big photographic studio with day- and artificial light.

Photographic laboratory

Exposure of photographic paper, fabrics, surfaces…

The photographic laboratory of the University of Hof does not let in any ray of light: a professional equiped darkroom offers the opportunity to get to know all imaginable negative and positive processes of analogue black and white photography and to use it for own projects. At six workplaces different condenser enlargers from 35mm format to 9x12 format can be used to later on develop the exposed materials partly automatized or in a bath. Technical testing and experiments complete the digital world perfectly and give a lively insight into the magic of the developing picture.

Interaction-/Interfacedesign Workshop

Interactions to be developed and experienced…

A modern equiped Interaction Design Laboratory is available for students of the study course Media Design. From Arduino Boards, Biometric Sensors, Kinects, Tablets, Multi-Touch Table through to 3Dprinter plenty tools are st students dissposal for designing projects and prototypes and are constantly extended.


Enough space for iMac and the own notebook…

On the 15 availabe iMacs you will find the latest software for the courses Typography/Layout, Web, Photography, Video and Creative Coding which are taught in the Mac- Laboratory. During the rest of the time students have free access to the laboratory to work on projects.

Computer Laboratory

After classes the computers are available.

The pool consisting of 35 computers is open to courses and students of the field of study Media Design and Textile Design. Latest software for Typography/ Layout Web, Photo and Video is installed.

Seminar rooms

A lot of space and sun- drenched...

Bright and open seminar rooms with views over the city of Münchberg enable a creative and productive working environment at the campus Münchberg.

Sound booth

Silence- sound recording!

For voice and sound records there is a soundproof sound booth with iMac and microphones at student´s disposal.


Editing is done with Premiere, AfterEffects...

For video or sound editing there are various iMac and latest software available. The sound booth is located directly next door.


Campus Hof

95028 Hof

Campus Münchberg

Kulmbacher Str. 76
95213 Münchberg