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Service Design and Interface Design are main themes of education in the Media Design course. In the context of them classic topics of Media Design are covered: Typo/ layout, Editorial Design, Web Design, Corporate Design, Photograpy, AV Media etc.

Service Design
Methods of Service design contribute on the one hand to recognize the own creative potential and use it meaningful in a team to therefore build a optimized basis for innovation. On the other hand those methodologies serve to analyse customer needs and markets to learn about what in fact the need is. This underlines the strong connection between Design and Economics as well as the fact that just adequate methodologies make sustainability possible (watch: http://thinking.designismakingsense.de).


Interface Design (Media-, Device and Information control: Web, mobile, Augmented Reality, controls etc.) at the moment is just taught at 10% of German Design Universities.

Thanks to developed Interfaces the access to information can be made relatively uncomplicated for our media- and information association. Furthermore the use of complex gadgets is enabled by those Interfaces. Hence Interface design is a central theme of our association and together with service design the ideal expertise for a successful designer career.

So this degree program has some distinctive features that stand for competetive advantages regarding the labour market. Those distinctive features facilitate the access to leadership positions as well as the establishment of an own office.

Who detects creativity as a future expertise and design as an economic factor will find excellent requirements within the bachelor´s degree course Media Design at the University of Hof/ Campus Münchberg.

Communication Design versus Media Design

In contrast to the degree programs in 'Communication Design" or rather in 'Visual Communication' the degree program in Media Design at the University of Applied Sciences Hof/ location Münchberg already shows in its description that it concerns fundamental and therefore all variations of analogue as well as digital media. The teaching is not only focused on visualization and communication with media but rather takes into account the design and theoretical examination with information and interaction.

Communication design sets its mind on the external impact, analyses user reactions to optimize the advertising effect for example and orientates itself by the interests of the clients. By contrast Media Design follows the user, the final user and enables the client through the for the user perceptible quality the desired success. Part of Media Design as well is the integration of interaction and recent Usability strategies as well as the consideration of experience with the product to create User Experience Design or Service Design.

Application and aptitude test

Application, aptitude test, information about application file:

Acceptance process without file
For applicants for the degree program Media Design at the University of Applied Sciences Hof/ Campus Münchberg it won´t be necessary to prepare a file with design work samples as an application requirement.

Design competence will be examined by the help of a creative academic paper and the presentation of this. Although it is recommended to bring additional creative work samples to the presentation to demonstrate further competences in any case of doubt. But fundamental basis for the examination of creative competences will be the academic paper and the presentation.

All applicants, which enrolled until the 15th of June (Information about enrollment and link to Primuss Portal (Activation on 15th of May)) will get the chance to give proof of their creative and design talent with the academic paper and the presentation on site in Münchberg.

The topic of the paper and one of two dates for presentation will be communicated to applicants by mail once the application deadline (15/06) has passed.

Presentations will be spread on two days and will take place at the location of the University of Hof/ Campus Münchberg (Kulmbacherstr. 76, Münchberg).

Every applicant just has to arrive on one of these two days. For their presentation they will have 7 minutes time.

After a period of one week after their presentations applicants will be informed if they are accepted for the degree program Media Design on the basis of their design paper and 7 minutes of presentation.

Online Application and Aptitude test

Design+ Buisness= Creative+

'Interaction is the felt enthusiasm between user and product message. Through the integration of Design and ecnomic competence our students learn to link product language, interaction and brand communication professionally and successfully.'

Prof. Torsten Stapelkamp

One essential aim of this degree program is to impart the design education as a creative preparation for information and communication concepts but equally as a basis for innovation and as support for the development of creative and sustainable strategies within economic decision- making processes

Particularly during the basic studies it is about furthering and arousing students creative strengths, cognitive as well as design ability and analytical thinking. By it the theory of creative competence is in the foreground, but it is taught as well to bring the high economic importance of Design to bear in economic processes. The main concern is to live up to the high relevance of the design profession.

Even though Design Management within the Creative industry is interpreted as too economically, designers have to tackle strategic questions more and more. The share of consulting activities has increased significantly. More and more design agencies carry on consulting as well. Corporate Design within the degree program Media Design is an important part of teaching and research. The design of Interfaces and the examination of interactivity always pursue the objective to design the image of a product, of a company or a service. Interactivity means communication between brand and customer.

Through the degree program Media Design at the University of Hof enables the design students to develop besides their design focus integral design solutions. They learn as well to keep track of when doing interdisciplinary projects and to integrate their work in a context.

A further aim is to promote firstly the importance of Design as one of the most important marketing instruments, secondly Service Design and Interface Design at the University of Hof as synergy topics of Design and Marketing and thirdly to establish the university itself as important sight of education for creative industries.

Anyhow Design is in culture but in general for society and economy of great importance, that gets lots of exposure in teaching and research in our bachelor´s degree program Media Design. Design represents one of the most important instruments in marketing and the general creative industry is- regarded by turnover- in Germany the third most important economic sector directly after the car industry (Allianz deutscher Designer e.V.).

Those who recognize creativity as a future competence and Design as an economic factor will find in the bachelor´s degree program Media Design in Hof/ Campus Münchberg ideal preconditions. Offers for corresponding master´s degrees are already available or rather in progress. This course among other things distinguishs itself by pointing out the economic relevance of design and according to that providing a suitable offer of courses. This prepares for creative competence without neglecting that design has a high economic relevance and designers contribute with their work significantly to the success of products and services.

The topic Design is communicated in teaching and research as a very important element in marketing and creativity in general but especially for the economy as a foundation competence for innovation. The integration of the degree program Media Design in the faculty of economics is a considered decision to communicate additionally creative as well as economic competence and to build up the Campus Hof to an important supporter of the Creative Industry.

‚Culture and Creative Industries in Germany‘- Unesco-Kommission e.V.

‚Culture- / Creative Economy‘- Culture Industries


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