Study Focus International Business Law

Objective of the Study Focus

Key Facts

Academic degree: Bachelor of Laws
Duration: 3,5 years
ECTS: 210
Start: October
Teaching language: German
Fees: None
Campus location: Hof
Special entry requirements: None
General entry requirements

The objective of this study focus is to prepare students for a possible India use as an expatriate/interface manager for India, so they are provided with an overview of the country and the issues they will encounter in professional everyday life in India, such as culture, macro- and micro-economics and political agenda.

The program will offer a Germany-wide innovative study focus that will enable graduates to fill future interface activities, respectively project management tasks as well as management positions in India or within the context of India. The offered interdisciplinary professional lectures with regionally specific components have been specifically tailored to the information needs for economists in the application-oriented approach.

In addition to the traditional methods such as lectures, internships and study abroad, students are offered opportunities on site to demonstrate and deepen their acquired skills during a 4 - to 8-week practical project.

Contents of the Study Focus

The subjects of the study focus on India within the study program Business Administration are as follows:


Management and economy in modern India

Additional Information


Social, cultural and religious fundamentals of the Indian economy

One part of the lecture will take place in India as part of a field trip.


Economics and business fundamentals of the Indian economy

Lecturer: Dr. Werner, CEO of the Bavarian-Indian Centre for Business and Universities


Indian Business Law

One part of the lecture is conducted by an Indian guest lecturer of the cooperating universities.


Human resource management and leadership in India

Lecturer: Prof. Patel, Indian professor at the University of Hof

Study Abroad

As part of the study focus, a study visit in India is very possible, but not mandatory. The University of Hof has plenty of Indian partner universities.

Furthermore, the practical semester in India is possible. The search for an internship company is in principle the duty of the student. The University of Hof supports the search within the scope of their possibilities.

Mentor Program

To strengthen the intercultural competence within the context of a practical block, it is scheduled that the German students guide each a student of the GIMS program (German-Indian Management Studies) during the summer semester. For this purpose, they should participate in short intercultural trainings. During the semester they should keep together with GIMS students a fixed number of cultural, social and political appointments, e.g. visits to the movies and theater, celebrating an Indian festival, participation in discussions, shared cooking.

Program Course

At the beginning of the semesterAfter approximately 6 weeksAfter approximately 10 weeks At the end of the semester


  • Dividing into matching buddy-pairs
  • Cultural training

First reporting

Second reporting

Final presentation (shared experience and lesson learned)



Summer School of BayIND (Bavarian-Indian Centre for Business and Universities)

Individual students may apply for participation in the Summer School of BayIND designed for the regional and cultural studies in order to be able to gather additional experience regarding India. The two-week Summer School takes place once a year in the period of August/September. This event can as well be credited as a practical block.

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Dunja Stadtmann | University of Applied Science Hof

Prof. Dr. Dunja Stadtmann

Business Department
Business Law

Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof

Room: B 217
Phone +49 (0) 9281 / 409 4387
Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 4387
E-Mail: dunja.stadtmannhof-university.LÖ

Prof. Dinubhai Patel | University of Applied Science Hof

Prof. Dinubhai Patel

Business Department
International Management

Hochschule Hof
Alfons-Goppel-Platz 1
95028 Hof

Room: B 220
Phone +49 (0) 9281 / 409 4150
Fax: +49 (0) 9281 / 409 55 4150
E-Mail: dinubhai.patelhof-university.LÖ

Prof. Dr. Dunja Stadtmann

Responsible and lecturer for the study focus "International Business Law" of the study program Business Law.







Prof. Dinubhai Patel

Lecturer for the study focus "International Business Law" of the study program Business Law.


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