Module descriptions – Business Law (LL.B.)

Competition policy and law in the EU (Sonst)


Lecturer Prof. Dr. Beatrix Weber, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Sabry
Second examiner Prof. Dr. Stadtmann / Prof. Dr. Sabry gegenseitig
Academic year 3
Course type
Semester hours (per week) 2
Attendance 22
Self-study / Exam preparation -22
Language Englisch
Course content 1. Competition process: Features and course of action
2. Competition parameters and market structure
3. Restraints of competition and their impacts on market result
4. Targets and tools of competition policy
5. Agencies, targets and operating mode of the EU' competition policy
6. Competition Law and Market structure
7. System of Competition Law within the EU
8. Cases
Learning objectives Students are able to
1. specify and describe the competition process
2. express and classify all kinds of competition restraints
3. refer and evaluate the targets and methods of competition policy in the EU
4. illustrate and explain the aftermath of competition policy measures
5. understand the interaction of market policy and competition law
6. denominate the system of competition law within the EU
7. solve simple cases
Requirements Formal requirements according to the study and examination regulations.
Literature list 1. Xavier Vives: Competition Policy in the EU: Fifty Years on from the Treaty of Rome, Oxford.
2. Michelle Cini et. al.: The Competition Policy in the European Union, Palgrave Macmillan.
3. Heiko Bubholz: EU competition policy, e book.

4. Alison Jones/Brenda Sufrin: EU Competition Law

5. Richard Whish/David Bailey: Competition Law

Es wird empfohlen, jeweils die neueste Auflage zu verwenden. Weitere Literaturempfehlungen werden in der Lehrveranstaltung bekannt gegeben.
Exam procedures Oral exam 15 Min.- 5 ECTS
Permitted Examination Aids none
Types of media Blackboard, LCD projector, overhead projector
Frequency of course offerings WS/SS



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